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The Financial Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with a biblical vision of success and financial management. We believe that training youth from an early age to be financially independent will allow them to give back to society economically and socially.

A recent study found that over forty percent of American families spend more than they earn each year. The average household credit card debt is $8,400, and only three out of every one hundred American have incomes greater than $26,000 at the age of 65. While these are alarming figures, even more disturbing is the fact that these statistics are no different in the body of Christ!

Youth are bombarded by messages about money every day. Hollywood teaches them to want more cash so they can buy more stuff, and the media generally equates wealth with immorality. Many parents don’t want to talk about money at all, as they themselves are struggling in debt or have no long-range financial plan, and public school curriculum begins and ends with balancing a checkbook. Today’s teens are looking for answers to some important questions, and the Foundation exists to bridge a vital gap in education as they mature into tomorrow’s Christian leaders of industry and the church.

We are committed to providing students with comprehensive financial instruction and coaching them in fundamental leadership and Godly life development skills. Students are expected to dream big, think outside the box, and dedicate themselves to a life worthy of their calling in Christ.

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