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Career Catapult Ebook

Career Catapult Ebook
  • Career Catapult Ebook
  • $12.99 USD
    $7.99 USD
  • Career Catapult is the ammunition you need to launch you into the next level of success in your workplace. Order your copy today!

    "Career Catapult is a book that propels you over the high walls of your comfort zone. Mac Mayer’s natural coaching ability, along with his mirth and too, his seriousness, combine to offer a unique perspective on where you want to be in your life. Mayer’s ability to bring about self-discovery in the reader is a gift. Using the construct of knights and honor, he invites the reader into a well known time and place of literary interest and then – whamo – reminds the reader that those same character traits and behavior patterns of yesteryear are vital to helping the reader catapult to his or her next level of success today!” - Dennis Mansfield, author, Beautiful Nate

    (available as a PDF for download)

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