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Youth CEO (paperback)

Youth CEO (paperback)
  • Youth CEO (paperback)
  • $16.99 USD
    $12.99 USD
  • This dynamic guide is your key to unlocking your role in changing the world. Where do you fit in? What were you designed to do? How can you use the tools and abilities you already possess to make money? 

    Geared toward youth, we lead you through an interactive journey, examining your individual giftings, unique background, location, and the tools that you already possess in order to help you discover how to use these resources to create a prosperous business. Then we take it a step further...

    Looking at your unique design and abilities, where do you fit into the world? What is your role? How can you, as one person, fuel change in the world? How can you teach yourself to think big? To think rich? To be successful? This empowering guide will help you find purpose, fulfillment, and learn to generate wealth the entire way! 

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